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He patted his back and left the room quietly. Stiles decided to check his phone. Flipping through he noticed none of them were from Derek. His boyfriend was such an asshole. No text, no call. Did he even matter!?

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A knock on the window scared him out of his thoughts. His phone vibrated. He opened to see a text from Sour-Wolf. Stiles thought about not opening the window but decided to open it and then tell him to go away. Opening the curtain and window he was met by perfection. Perfect black hair and green eyes. Perfect muscles wrapped in perfectly worn clothing. Damn him. Because I'm sick of being neglected, you asshole!

I'm sick of being put last! And instead I feel like pack mom. All I do is take care of you pups! I've been forbidden from touching you in front of the others, and every time i try to get us alone you don't want to! I get it, pack matters. But Damn it, where does your human mate fit in? God damn it! You aren't gonna boss your way out of this!

I'm pissed. I'm angry and hurt! You know that? I tried to change for you! I try not to talk as much, I try be more considerate of the pack. I try so hard and you don't give a fuck, do you?

Fuck you,Derek. Go find a new mate. I'm gonna find someone who wants me. I'm going out to find someone who won't neglect me. Stiles walked down the stairs and grabbed his jacket and keys. He was serious. He wanted someone who cared about him. He was about to slip on his shoes when he was grabbed from behind and thrown over Dereks shoulder. He was carried back up the stairs and thrown onto his bed. Listen here, you fleshy little human. You are my mate. I want you. No one else can have you.

Chapter 5 - Submit

Get over it. His eyes glowing red. Stiles didn't want to submit so easily but If you liked it feel free to check out some of my other work! Story Story Writer Forum Community. TV Shows Teen Wolf. He challenges the Alpha which leads to a steamy lesson on submission. I'm back! Sorry it's been soooo long! I was in a musical, not that that is an excuse! Be jolly. You okay? Why wouldn't I be? You usually cook when you're upset. He opened to see a text from Sour-Wolf It's not Scott.

Wallowing in self pity, you ASS! Derek scowled. Stiles anger bubbled up some more. You need to calm down.

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Fuck you. I decided to break up the action. Chapter 1 2. Chapter 2 3. Chapter 3 4. Chapter 4 5. The author would like to thank you for your continued support. Your review has been posted.

You know very well what I meant, she chided. It was appropriate to inform you, and I attempted to do so in a more human fashion to put you at ease. If it is a problem, I shall refrain from doing so in the future. Practice away. Peter chuckled, getting his tablet out again as he stepped aboard the elevator.

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Where is this? Peter sucked a breath in when he saw that the man had incapacitated all the orderlies. Are they okay? I have requested that additional orderlies be dispatched, and they are on their way.

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Peter strode out of the elevator on full alert. The lobby was still and silent now. Even Madeline had packed up and left for the night.

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Approaching from the west corridor , she told him. The orderlies I requested are in pursuit.