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Reply Notify me 3 Helpful. HerbieDerHerbmeister February 28, Report. Complete with record label, cat. Should they be added to Discogs?


I'll be happy to do so. Just thought I should ask first. C January 5, Report. With a groundbreaking sound that obliterates the dividing lines between Techno, Trance and Breakbeat stylings, Underworld bury a subtle Indie Rock attitude slightly beneath the textural surface of their blissful synthetic insanity. With the drop of each new release, this U. Accredited as heavy hitters in the struggle to bring dance music to the attention of the mainstream, electronica darlings Underworld continue to draw an impressive fanbase on both the international club scene and the airwaves with their widely influential style that blends electronic intricacy with king-size, floor-friendly grooves.

Reply Notify me 4 Helpful. Electrohound June 6, Report. Even so, it's important to correct some misperceptions about them, since it seems some techno fans, even paid critics, don't appreciate the full range of their output. Some of this is to be expected. Some just think of them as that rock-dance act that did that "Born Slippy" thing. First off, for cats who love to write them off simply because they do have a vocal, lyrical and guitar dimension to their music, perhaps one should consider that limiting the definition of techno music or electronic music not only is backwards both Kraftwerk and Juan Atkins used vocals and the electric guitar was essentially one of the first synthesizers , but it also narrows music's creative possibilities.

But if that is not enough for you to reconsider or expand your mind, then at minimum, you should know your history. And if you listened to the ORIGINAL instrumental breakbeat version of "Born Slippy," the ambient tidal groove of "Thing In A Book," the ode to joy of "Rez," the bubbling "Peach Tree," the crashing "Kittens," the scratch static of "Rowla," or the cosmic lightning of "Cherry Pie" -- all pure electronic instrumentals -- and you still think they're whack, then my assessment is you're simply hating to hate.

If you're open beyond this more instrumental side of Underworld, then the rewards just grow. You have the echoey groove of "Dirty Guitar," the demon genie of "Spoonman," the electro hoedown of "Cowgirl," the Art of Noise house of "Eclipse," the ecstatic "Spikee," the warping "Juanita," the time elastic "Pearls Girl," the electro blues of "Mosaic," the dark trance of "Burts" and "Dark Train," the weirdly hypnotic "Luetin," the moody ride of "Bird 1," the skittering boogie of "Best Mamgu Ever," the Blade Runner sunset of "Beautiful Burnout," the human soul blooming in a robot brain of "Faxed Invitation," the Route 66 kicks of "I, Exhale," the Arthur Russell echo of "Ova Nova," the post-New Order flight of "Nylon Strung" -- the list goes on and on.

Really it's ridiculous. But that's for another time. Very influential band! Highly influential to other forward thinking musicians, with many collaborations from early on. Underworld, to me are a very refreshing sound, even now in Reply Notify me 2 Helpful. And before that they were quite good rock band. I love and respect them. But I agree that many people overrate them, especially today.

The next album Beacoup Fish ruined all this, I consider it as their worst work, maybe Darren was thinking the same and eventually left the band. After that Karl and Rick made some good music Bird 1 and Scribble from the last album are very strong IMO but overall work was much more 'plain' than before.

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One important thing about Underworld is that people try to find some meaning in their lyrics. This is a mistake because Karl Hyde uses his voice only as a musical instrument. His words really make no sense because they are developed to fit into the sound, to be in harmony with the synthesisers.

They have no meaning at all and I totally love this unusual approach because it sounds great ;. Music-Maestro December 8, Report.

Tracklist available, as is the 2cd set itself. Reply Notify me Helpful. It's important to remember, with Underworld, that from Dubnobasswithmyheadman onward they weren't just a 'dance' group, as is often said.

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Their albums contain as much downtempo and ambient material as danceable techno. These pieces complement the atmospheric techno tracks perfectly Luetin, Juanita, Dirty Epic What is most obvious when trawling their back catalogue is their genuine artistry - unlike a lot of artists who make music in and around the 'dance' category, Underworld have retained entirely idiosyncratic from the word go, from their unique messy artwork all created by Tomato, the art collective the band are part of , to Karl Hyde's off the wall lyrics and the regular use of imaginary words and strange phrases in their song titles Telematic Peal, Holding the Moth, Banstyle, Kiteless, Mmm They are a group with an identity who only ever do things their way, to express their own often bizarre take on the world.

One of those groups whose discography keeps throwing out absolute gems, however deep you dig. Spinecrawler February 5, Report. March 12, Edit Report Delete. Incredibly overrated indeed. It is generally agreed that Beacoup Fish marked the downfall of the group, Emerson's leaving sealed the affair, and since then they have never been the same. Their first two major albums are overrated as well, with only a few outstanding tracks, and as one listener put it: "techno for the masses".

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Underworld has made a very mainstream impact with dance music, and I praise them for bringing dance music to the public. But I can't really give them an award for quality when their hype far exceeds their talent. Favorite Artists by fabriknos. Favorite Artists by 11able.

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