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Looking for more information on my grandparents Submitted by Brenda StPierre not verified on June 7, - pm. I would love to find out where I can get birth or baptismal certificates, but I don't know where to begin. I know this much because my uncle was able to piece some things together but I want more! I would also love to meet any family members I can. Relatives still in Italy? I am working on my family history, but cannot find any information past my dad's father and mother. My grandfather's name was Giuseppe Annibale and his wife was Carmela Annibale.

Her maiden name was Verteramo. He came to the U.

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Any info on anyone who might be related either on the Annibale side or Verteramo side would be greatly appreciated. I'm trying to find more records on my great grandfather, Antonio Severio Appleton born in Ancona in to a Giacinti Carancini and a Thomas Appleton.

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The origins of either parent would be great or info on where I can find out more as I will soon be visiting Ancona. His name is Frank Grosso, although it was originally Frank Gruosso until he came to America where they dropped the 'U'. He lived and died in Yonkers New York. I would like to find out if there are any living relatives of my Grandfather in Italy before traveling, so I can look them up in Italy. Can you point me in the right direction for research please?

Many thanks in advance! Good day Submitted by Monde not verified on August 26, - am. Good day I need help in tracing my great- grandfather, we lost people with knowledge and documents hence I only have his name. Any help would be appreciated. Last name was Celimo. Possible first names were Stella and Leonardo. My grandfather was born August 21st possibly Would love some help. Looking for my father's relatives Submitted by Gianinna not verified on August 29, - am.

Thank you for the tips!

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I am looking for more info about my father, Giovanni Peterlongo, who I didn't meet. He already passed away around in China.

I would love to meet my relatives from my father's side, but I don't find anything about him anywhere. Searching for these family names in Sulmona, Italy. Antonino Caccioppoli Submitted by Caccioppoli not verified on September 4, - pm. Ancestry Submitted by Sylvia gosling not verified on September 6, - am. He married rosa christina. Maria olivieri who definatly was born there.

He had a daughter maddelana colonna my grandmother who was born in Vitorchiano viterbo italy. His parents were rosato giannini and his wife was maria picchi living in Vitorchiano at the time.

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Mongello heritage Submitted by Jessica Mongello not verified on September 7, - pm. Looking for ancestors to the shorten version of the Mongello name once arrived at Ellis island. Heard through family our name in Italy was Mongelliouso. I don't know if it's spelled correctly. Any info much appreciated. My great grandfather Luigi Rimoldi was born on the 13 June and came from a town called Rho in Italy. He came to New Zealand in the late 's leaving behind his mum, dad and siblings in Italy.

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His parents were Pietro and Giulia nee Malgrati Rimoldi. I hope someone sees this and will be able to help me with my research. I would be grateful for any information, Birth, Marriage, Death or even to get hold of a living relative! Researching a dead end Submitted by Tom Naples not verified on November 3, - pm. My paternal grandfather was adopted in or near Airola, Italy. He was born in January of , supposedly in a hospital, and was brought to the family Napolitano, later Naples in his baptismal gown. Rumors always were that his biological parents were from prominent families but he was born out of wedlock.

I don't know what is true, but I've done DNA tests hoping to see Italian names that are related that would not be familiar to me.

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How should I proceed? Not sure of the church or hospital, if this is true. Am I a prince, or just a stonemason's great grandson?

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Thank you for any help. Looking for info on my great grandparents. Emilio Rampone and wife Rose Cavalero. Had at least two sons Joseph in and John in They lived in a town called Castano. Joseph is my grandfather. He came to the US in He married Adelaide Celestina Brero in Then lived in a small town called Salida,CA. Later moved to Oakland,CaThey had 8 sons and Joseph died in Any info would be greatly appreciated.

I am trying to fill in details about my grandfather on my father's side. He came to the USA in and naturalized in He died in Chicago in This is literally all I know about him. I am trying to find out who his parents were and whether or not there were any siblings. I may not have an accurate birth city since I got this information from a ship manifest. There is nothing else on Ancestry and I don't read Italian so I am not having any luck with an online search for records.

Any help anyone can offer will be greatly appreciated. Hi Alice, I found record birth of Gaetano Luchini,if you want I can traslate it for you in english, let me know.

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He came to New Zealand in the late 's. His parents were Pietro and Giulia Malgrati Rimoldi. I want to be able to get information on the ship Luigi would have sailed on to New Zealand, a Marriage Certificate for his parents, etc, etc. Can someone help me, thank you. Sacco Family Submitted by bob sacco not verified on January 10, - pm.

I am searching for information regarding my family surname Sacco. My research has come to a dead end at my Great, great Grandfather Guilio Sacco who was born in The city of his birth is unknown. Italian heritage Submitted by Monica not verified on January 12, - pm. I am searching for information on my ancestors. The last name is Scaggiari. I am looking for military and other records. Where can I find Italian history without paying a lot of money?

Bruno family line Submitted by Krystina Bruno not verified on January 18, - pm. So I have hit a stumbling block I also know they had a daughter in Italy in named Maria Bruno. They came to the United States in and Can anyone help with more info on either Amelia or Santo's parents. I am not related but can help.

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I am searching for information on Angelo Conti and his wife Puritana Guerrieri who lived in Patrica, Italy, probably marrying around which is when their first child, Vitaliano Conti was born. These are my gr-gr grandparents who would have been born in the mid s. Let me Know if you need it. Arrighi family lineage Submitted by C Arrighi not verified on March 2, - am. I am looking to trace my Arirghi family lineage and want to identify details beyond my great great grandfather Jean Baptisto Camillo Arrghi also known as Camillo Arrighi.

I am struggling identifying his siblings and parents.