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According to Melanie, rodents make up more than one fourth of all mammals, but most Americans have never heard of capybaras. Sometimes people will call him a giant rat. Those people are typically more standoffish or even hostile or afraid. It has not been conditioned into them for centuries. Ebooks and Manuals

If they love you, it is honest, genuine, and intense. Gari is also playful, especially in the water.

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He and Melanie spend long afternoons lounging in the pool together. And like a kid, he likes to make an occasional splash.

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There is no other animal that I know of that you can have this kind of aquatic relationship with. Melanie first discovered capybaras were a thing on a trip to Venezuela with her daughter, Coral, in On a sightseeing tour, they spotted capybaras in the wild, and their tour guide let Coral hold one of the babies. That moment, Melanie says, changed their lives.

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Like Gari, Caplin was a capybara ambassador, visiting schools and interacting with the public. Unfortunately, Caplin passed away from a liver condition when he was only three years old. Melanie was devastated. Annoyingly for me, he likes my husband better than me, even though I am the one who does everything for him. So where does the cat come into play? It took Gari and Flopsy about a year to become comfortable with each other. At first, Flopsy was not at all sure about Gari, thinking him more weirdo than magical new friend.

I think there was a bit of a mental conflict going on. But now Flopsy greets Gari with headbutts each time they see each other. This makes perfect sense — as pound rodents that love to snuggle, capybaras do lend themselves rather naturally to fantasy.

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