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This experience, if repeated more times, strengthens individual and team identification and allows you to repeat in other contexts what you have learnt about the motor activity. Sharing space, time and rules makes sport and exercise become factors of socialization and resocialization of communicative behaviors that are different from those adopted in other social contexts where, for example, logic-cognitive learning is preferred and the body is disciplined by silence and immobility.

Physical education doesn't only renforce basic motor schemes and technical movements but it also helps self-knowledge and cognitive, relational and moral development. Another sport is possible In the contemporary society Uisp proposes its philosophy and pedagogy about sport, in its evolution from Italian Union for People's Sport to Italian Union for the Sport for all in italian both definitions have the acronym U. In September , always in Bologna, there was the first national congress.

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Its focus was the sport discipline in itself. It asked for practising sport in proper and equipped spaces. Parks, rivers, green areas, squares and urban spaces are educator where you can experience sport, change its rules and inventing new ones. Changing the name meant also changing the cultural paradigm.

Manual Le donne perdonano tutto tranne il silenzio (Italiana) (Italian Edition)

There was a reorganization of the disciplines, of their regulations and a new kind of education for instructors and managers who worked in the association. The cultural revolution was won thanks to the subscription of 1. Nowadays Uisp has its headquarters in Rome and several branches in all the italian regions; they organise and promote championships, projects and events. Uisp's championships work like the ones organised by the sport federations, that means by age and sex.

The disciplines are: water disciplines swim, diving, rowing, canoe, kayak, surf, sailing , athletics, riding, motoring, motorcycling, baseball, games 15 sector for 75 disciplines , soccer, cycling, dance, eastern discipline 20 disciplines , gymnastics 10 disciplines among which circus activities , ski, ice-skating, basketball, volleyball, skating, rugby, tennis and archery.

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In particular, Uisp organise weekly race walkings already imitated by all. People of all the ages, genders and abilities take part in these races and there are different chatrs and prizes for all. It works against doping and sedentary with proposals on healthy lifestyles and it introduces destructured sports in urban spaces for teenagers. It adapts sports to the different physical and psychic abilities and it works for a sustainable sport during its events. Finally it works in projects of international cooperation and responsable tourism. This philosophy doesn't refuses competition but gives priority to the community and to the multisport.

The first one is spontaneous: from innate reflexes of the unweaneds to the games with the own body.

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It seems to be a language relegated to a highly localised function of interaction between friends and relatives. Its institutional base is extremely weak and declining. Yet there is concern among its speakers who have an emotive link to the language and its relationship to Sardinian identity. The sociolinguistic subordination of Sardinian to Italian has resulted in the gradual degeneration of the Sardinian language into an Italian patois under the label of regional Italian.

This new linguistic code that is emerging from the interference between Italian and Sardinian is very common among the less privileged cultural and social classes. Whatever the fate of the Sardinian language might be, it shall therefore constitute the substratum of the one prevailing now, Italian, in a number of linguistic components specific to the island.

All dialects of Sardinian have phonetic features that are relatively archaic compared to other Romance languages. The degree of archaism varies, with the dialect spoken in the Province of Nuoro being considered the most conservative. Medieval evidence indicates that the language spoken in Sardinia and Corsica at the time was similar to modern Nuorese Sardinian; while Corsica underwent a process of Tuscanization that rendered the Corsican dialects akin to Tuscan, the Sardinian dialects are thought to have slowly evolved through some Catalan , Spanish and later Italian influences.

The examples listed below are from the Logudorese dialect :. According to Eduardo Blasco Ferrer , Sardinian has the following consonants: [ clarification needed ]. Historically, the Sardinians have always been quite a small population scattered across isolated cantons , sharing similar demographic patterns with Corsica; as a result, Sardinian developed a broad spectrum of dialects over the time. Starting from Francesco Cetti 's description in the 18th century, [] [] Sardinian has been presented as a pluricentric language , being traditionally subdivided into two macro-varieties spoken by roughly half of the entire community: the dialects spoken in North-Central Sardinia, centered on the orthography known as Logudorese su sardu logudoresu , and the dialects spoken in Central Southern Sardinia, centered on another orthography called Campidanese su sardu campidanesu.

All the Sardinian dialects differ primarily in phonetics, which does not hamper intelligibility; [] [] [] the view of there being a dialectal boundary separating the Campidanese and Logudorese varieties has been in fact subjected to more recent research, that shows a fluid linguistic continuum from the Northern to the Southern ends of the island.

The dialects centered on the Logudorese model are generally considered more conservative, with the Nuorese subdialect su sardu nugoresu being the most conservative of all. They have all retained the classical Latin pronunciation of the stop velars kena versus cena , "supper" , [] the front middle vowels compare Campidanese iotacism , probably from Byzantine Greek [] and assimilation of close-mid vowels cane versus cani , "dog" and gattos versus gattus , "cats". Labio-velars become plain labials limba versus lingua , "language" and abba versus acua , "water".

An east-west strip of villages in central Sardinia speaks a transitional group of dialects su sardu de mesania. Examples include is limbas the languages and is abbas the waters. The dialects centered on the Campidanese model, spreading from Cagliari once the metropolis of the Roman province , show relatively more influences by Carthage , Rome, Constantinople and Late Latin. Examples include is fruminis the rivers and is domus the houses.

Sardinian is the indigenous and historical language of most Sardinian communities. Sassari , the second-largest city on Sardinia and the main center of the northern half of the island cabu de susu in Sardinian, capo di sopra in Italian , is located there. There are also two language islands , the Catalan Algherese -speaking community from the inner city of Alghero northwest Sardinia and the Ligurian -speaking towns of Carloforte , in San Pietro Island , and Calasetta in Sant'Antioco island south-west Sardinia.

Sardinian has already been a standardized language since the Middle Ages, even if the process led to the emergence of the above-mentioned models of Logudorese and Campidanese. However, some attempts have been made to introduce a single writing system for administrative purposes over the recent decades, but they have not been generally acknowledged by native speakers.

The Regional Council Deliberations no. Its rules were published in by the Autonomous Region of Sardinia, [] but were met with some criticism about their overall focus on the more conservative varieties, and was eventually not adopted by the regional Council. The Regional Council Deliberation no.

Their job involved a program of measures for the protection and promotion of the Sardinian language, by means of a guide to be used by the regional administration. This work does not refer to morphology and syntax, which is already fairly homogeneous, [] and concerns itself primarily with spelling.

Our Father, who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name. Give us this day our daily bread, and forgive us our debts, as we forgive our debtors. And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil. Babbu nostru chi ses in chelu, Santificadu siat su nomine tou. Benzat a nois su rennu tou, Siat fatta sa boluntade tua, comente in chelu gai in terra. Dona nos oe su pane nostru de donzi die, Et perdona nos sos peccados nostros, Comente nois perdonamus a sos depidores nostros.

Et no nos lesses ruer in tentatzione, Et libera nos dae male.

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Babbu nostu chi ses in celu, Santificau siat su nomini tuu. Bengiat a nosus su regnu tuu, Siat fatta sa boluntadi tua, comenti in celu aici in terra. Donasi oi su pani nostu de dogna dii, Et perdonasi is peccaus nostus, Comenti nosus perdonaus a is depidoris nostus.

Et no si lessis arrui in tentatzioni, Et liberasi de mali. Panem nostrum quotidianum da nobis hodie, et dimitte nobis debita nostra, sicut et nos dimittimus debitoribus nostris. Padre Nostro, che sei nei cieli, Sia santificato il tuo nome. Dacci oggi il nostro pane quotidiano, E rimetti a noi i nostri debiti Come noi li rimettiamo ai nostri debitori. E non ci indurre in tentazione, Ma liberaci dal male.

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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article is about the modern Romance language.

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For ancient Sardinian, see Paleo-Sardinian language. Romance language indigenous to the island of Sardinia. Language family. Indo-European Italic Romance Sardinian. Linguistic map of Sardinia. Sardinian is yellow Logudorese and orange Campidanese. See also: History of Sardinia.

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See also: Paleo-Sardinian language and Nuragic civilization. See also: Corsica and Sardinia. See also: Sardinian medieval kingdoms. See also: Italian Republic and Sardinian autonomy and Language shift. See also: Logudorese dialect and Campidanese dialect. This section needs expansion. You can help by adding to it. October Languages portal Italy portal.