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BDRs use cold-calling to paint a vivid picture of a prospect. This imagery can be used to assess his or her suitability. And professionals tend to check their work email even more frequently. So BDRs have to capitalize on the popularity of email, in order to effectively connect with prospects.

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So BDRs use their impeccable communication skills to craft clear, persuasive emails. The most effective BDRs use a range of tools to effectively manage their email accounts and extract the maximum amount of value from them. These meetings could involve initial calls or product demos with appropriate stakeholders. BDRs are adept at closing a huge number of meetings.

To be able to assess whether a prospect is a viable fit, BDRs need to understand the product inside and out. So they should understand your product, see its value, and articulate its merit as often as possible.

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As we can see, being a BDR is tough! So While great BDRs are worth their weight in gold. BDRs will often find themselves going from one task to another. For instance, they might spend their mornings sending out batches of fresh emails before they focus on researching a particular industry in the afternoon. Due to the variety and volume of tasks, BDRs must be able to effectively manage their time.

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For example, they use time management techniques like Pomodoro to structure their daily work. BDRs must perform a lot of research, and they often have contact with a huge number of prospects. They use this tool to flawlessly track their relationships and communications. For instance, they keep track of their emails and calendar commitments. If BDRs are going to get the results they need, they must be able to effectively stay organized. And they need to have the types of personalities that will drive those goals.

BDRs should be able to understand their targets and find out what they need to do to hopefully exceed them. This process requires a certain level of analytical thought.

Without this mindset, BDRs often struggle to hit their targets. This target-oriented thinking can also drive value further into the sales process. If a BDR is focused on helping the sales department hit its goals, he or she will provide quality leads that have a high likelihood of being converted. BDRs must be natural communicators. They should be able to blend their impeccable communication and people skills with a target-oriented, analytical mindset.

Innovative & Productive Sales Strategies: Pinpoint Sales Skill Development Training Series

They need to be able to inform and entice prospects as much as possible. The BDRs that hit their targets can articulately communicate the features and benefits of products. They are often naturally passionate people who can identify needs or pains and enthusiastically address them. Every sales professional uses a variety of high-quality tools that will help them achieve their goals.

These tools could include CRM, productivity tools , call-handling software , lead generation tools , and much more. You should look for BDRs who have the experience or mindset that will help them get a grip on the tools you use. Condition: Neu. Based on this assumption, this book suggests redesigning listening tasks from a constructivist perspective to save listening from being the neglected skill and make it more real-life like. Depending on the research findings, a number of implications for teaching are suggested.

In addition, sample constructivist listening activities are provided so that they can give teachers and educators some ideas that they can integrate into their own teaching listening contexts. Seller Inventory Condition: Good. Ships with Tracking Number! May not contain Access Codes or Supplements. May be ex-library. Buy with confidence, excellent customer service!. Item added to your basket View basket. Proceed to Basket.

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  • View basket. Continue shopping. Results 1 - 29 of United Kingdom. Search Within These Results:. As highlighted in these case studies from Visual Website Optimizer, in multivariate testing you select different elements on your website or landing page such as headlines, images, or buttons. Different versions of selected elements are created and combined.

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    Then, you split your traffic among those combinations to analyze which one gets maximum conversion rates or sales. The winningest combination of the website's parts is later chosen to be permanently implemented. In a nutshell, the practice of conversion-centred design CCD involves using visual cues and psychological triggers to focus a page viewer's attention on completing one specific action.

    Research has shown that there are a number of visual cues and psychological triggers which can be used to boost landing page conversion rates.

    As Gardner explains, these researched-backed landing page elements make up the seven principles of CCD. This technique guides the viewer's eyes toward your call-to-action by using a nifty little design trick. Essentially, you create a tunnel or window which focuses attention on your call-to-action. You may have read that green buttons always convert best or maybe orange buttons… or maybe blue buttons…. In reality, no button color is always best. You simply need to think about contrast and color.

    Make sure your call-to-action really stands out on your page. Using directional cues such as arrows helps direct viewer attention toward a desired area. Try incorporating arrows on your landing pages which point at your form or call-to-action. Doing so will tell your visitors where they should be focusing as they scan the page. You don't want your landing pages to be too busy, design-wise. The proper use of whitespace will give your design some room to breathe, and will give more visual prominence to the most important elements of the page.

    These psychological motivators have been used in sales and marketing for decades. Limited time and limited supply offers are commonplace both on and offline to motivate potential customers to act immediately. Trials, samples, and demos are common ways to build trust with potential customers before they commit to buy your product.

    Offering your customers a way to try before they buy instills a sense of confidence in your product. Including elements of social proof on your landing pages is a surefire way to establish authenticity and believability. Research frequently proves that social proof has a big impact on conversions and sales.

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    To help you visualize how each of the seven principles of CCD might be applied in real life, we included two screenshots below of a standard whitepaper landing page. The first shows the page without the seven elements of CCD; the second shows the same page slightly altered to include each of the seven principles of CCD. Research has shown that certain words and phrases can influence a website's ability to convert nameless visitors into qualified leads.

    Similar to conversion-centered design, the goal of conversion-focused copywriting is to use strategic words, phrases, and copywriting techniques to encourage readers to complete a desired action.