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The Love and War family, employees and guests, always stick together, and you'll notice those same faces at our other two venues. I'm blessed to have the greatest family in the world The new location in the small East Texas town, halfway between Dallas and Shreveport off Interstate 20, will be one of the cornerstones in a massive downtown revitalization effort in Lindale.

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For the project, Phelps has partnered with the city of Lindale and the family of country superstar Miranda Lambert, who grew up in Lindale and whose parents still live there. After her divorce with fellow country music star Blake Shelton, Lambert sold her businesses in Oklahoma to Shelton and said she was concentrating her efforts on her Texas hometown.

Her Pink Pistol boutique in downtown moved last week to an expanded location next door to where Phelps' new Love and War will be located. Phelps and the Lamberts have been friends for years, after he helped give Lambert her start as a teenager playing her songs at his Plano venue years ago. The venue and the boutique will serve as the anchor businesses for the new development, known as The Cannery Lindale. You have successfully signed up for your selected newsletter s - please keep an eye on your mailbox, we're movin' in!

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The Cannery Lindale will include restaurants, lofts, shopping, a city park and a junior college extension as well as six stages for live music performances. My oldest daughter met her husband there.

Jason Jones. Jay Behel. William Haupt. Mark Easton.

Purchasable with gift card. English Breakfast Where I'm From Peace Peace That's How We Do It The Power Of Your Brain The Battle Slave Revolt Soundtrack Protect Yourself So Pretti Again ft. Latoiya Williams Jacob's Ladder Smile ft.

Dezy Fruitful ft. Sean Biggs Big Mel The devil is working, and as scores of black people die at the hands of racist white law enforcement and MAGA followers emboldened by the U. I hope these songs help them release that magic, or makes their day more understandable.

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English Breakfast 2. Jackson Katz, author of The Macho Paradox and Leading Men , and creator of the documentary film Tough Guise 2 In Love and War , author Tom Digby persuasively shows us that the gender divide we often call the "war between the sexes" is an unnecessary social construct that has tragic consequences for us all. From the bullying of a little boy with a "girl-colored" lunch box, to an American general left furious at the indifference to traumatized World War I veterans, to aboriginal tribes who exist outside our militaristic frame of reference, to the causes and effects of today's ultra-misogynistic porn, Professor Digby serves as our congenial and insightful tour guide through the misty territories of "male" and "female," patiently showing us the path to a better way of configuring the relationship between the sexes.

There is great value and hope to be found in Love and War.

If we were able, as Professor Digby urges, to change the cultural programming of gender, we might finally free men from the stereotypes that continue to glorify antiquated codes of violence and the emotional paralysis of stoicism. And we might finally free women from having to live in perpetual fear of men. This is a book that should be widely read and deeply taken to heart.

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Kelly Moore, anti-rape activist, New York Times best-selling author, and co-author of the critically acclaimed Amber House Trilogy of young adult novels Fresh, passionate, and long overdue Bitch Digby has produced an accessible, smart, persuasive work Anyone interested in gender, the military, or love should read this book—which is to say that almost everyone should read this book.

Andrew Huebner, H-War Love and War is a treasure trove of insights into gender and the, often tragic, experiences of men and women.

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There are many aspects of the book that are remarkable but the vivid, and moving, portrait Digby paints of how men suffer under the gender binary is especially valuable. The "warrior masculinity" that he describes is going to influence my teaching and thinking for some time. I will surely be incorporating the book into my class on feminist philosophy. I think it has a better than average chance of getting young people at West Point and elsewhere to think deeply about themselves and their culture.

It is a fine piece of public philosophy that should be of interest far beyond academia.

Black Love & War

Feminism and Philosphy. Acknowledgments 1. Can Men Rescue Heterosexual Love?