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Ask yourself if this cow is worth your career or might it be time to let go? This is not the time to pretend you are a bull in a china shop but rather take a methodical approach to getting that cow into the grinder.

Shooting the Sacred Cows

First, you must remain aware of the fact that most sacred cow protectors have their identify and self-worth complexly entwined with the cow that they protect so ferociously—a bit like a momma bear protecting her cub. And you do not want to get between them.

If you are a cow protector, be certain it is worth protecting. Grinding cows simply for pleasure or self-adulation is not an acceptable reason to flick the switch and start the grinder. The magic for your organization is for the leaders to have the wisdom in understanding and recognizing the difference.

Ed Rigsbee, Certified Speaking Professional , travels internationally to deliver keynote presentations and workshops on effective and profitable alliance and partnering relationships. If you describe a belief, opinion, or tradition as a sacred cow , you mean that people are not willing to criticize or question it or to do anything to change it.

The trade unions were, perhaps, the greatest sacred cow in British politics during the s and early s.

Note: This is often used in a disapproving way. Note: In the Hindu religion, cows are regarded as sacred. Sacred cow originally referred to the veneration of the cow as a sacred animal in the Hindu religion.

A person, group, or institution considered exempt from questioning or criticism. The British coined the term in India in the late nineteenth century, and it began to be used metaphorically by or so.

In the Company of Sacred Cows by Stephen Quesnelle, Geoff Smith - - Dymocks

Above criticism. Hindus regard bovines as revered creatures, not to be mistreated in any way. The English-speaking world began to apply this religious practice in the midth century to any person or project often political in nature that, like Caesar's wife , should not be faulted. References in periodicals archive? Why are they called myths or ' sacred cows ' and what myths do we have in the perioperative environment?

In the Company of Sacred Cows: A True Story of Organizational Change

Best Clinical Practice. Nigeria's regime of sacred cows. These are the sacred cows the media would apparently want to slaughter.

Chapter 1: Things Have To change – Geoff

Sacred cows exist question is, should they be slaughtered? Kriegel defined a sacred cow as "an outmoded belief, assumption, practice, policy, system or strategy, generally invisible, that inhibits change and prevents responsiveness to new opportunities.

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  • The Politics of Language: Conflict, Identity, and Cultural Pluralism in Comparative Perspective: Conflict, Identity and Cultural Pluralism in Comparative Perspective;
  • Sacred Cows in an Economic Downturn.

How is that line holding up? In sections on forbidden food, sacred cows , and holy wars, he discusses aspects such as from community regulation to big business, the limits of law in regulating religious rules, kashrus and the courts, law and politics in a cut-throat business, kosher meat scandals in America and abroad, and oddities and excesses. The council does have sacred cows and it has a duty to safeguard them. International leadership consultant Breeden Duke Corporate Education draws on current research in psychology and brain science to upend seven ' sacred cows ' that have been taken for granted too long in the business world.

Tipping sacred cows; kick the bad work habits that masquerade as virtues.

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Just because someone dares to criticise one of your sacred cows , you start making nasty remarks about her. Unhappy about research centre; Letters. The NHS may have become one of those sacred cows - like out of control immigration - which party leaders and their entourages dare not speak of. No time to cut junior docs' hours.