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He was in charge of the initial installation of the electric grid along some regions of the Canary Island. He was a respectful person in those days. During his research he discovered that electricity could be produced without the requirement of any fuel or chemical nor with the need of any movement: "Mr. Clemente Figuera of Las Palmas, Canary Islands, is credited with having invented a contrivance which generates electricity without the use of any intermediate motive power or chemical reaction, but simply gathers the force from the atmosphere.

Augustine's College, Las Palmas, and long known as a scientific student New York, 9th of June of Well, we have some of the pieces of the puzzle.

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A canary engineer appears, a machine that extract energy from the atmosphere, although that was an incorrect assessment by the journalist, and also other data such as the condition of physics professor and inventor, as stated later in the article Figuera had the intention of patenting the technology in Madrid and Berlin. For example, in the May edition of the journal The Reading in Science and Arts is written: "In the English newspapers are extensive references to an important discovery conducted by D.

Figueras' apparatus consists essentially of three parts: a collector, a transformer and an accumulator, so that, in short, what it does is to collect atmospheric electricity, transforming it from static to dynamic and store it in a secondary battery for later use in the form and amount required. We have understood that the inventor will soon come to Madrid and, later he will depart to Berlin and London, and then you will be able to know the procedure in detail.

New York Times, 9th of june of This press report was read by Nikola Tesla who immediately wrote a letter to his editor mentioning to Clemente Figuera and he attached the press clipping appeared in the newspaper to his letter. Tesla mentioned in his letter a novel fact that he refered in his article of in Century Magazine "The problem of Increasing Human Energy".

Look up page of Century particularly where I refer to novel facts. The report is not likely to be true but it is singular that I have also found a solution which I have been following up since a long time and which promises very well. I was at the point of revealing my method in the article but you pressed[? I am glad now. The conditions at the Pic of Teneriffe are ideal for the success of such methods as I contemplate to employ for getting a steady supply of small amounts of energy.

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Sorry I was unable to call. Nikola " Clemente Figuera built a motionless generator which was used to power his house and a 20 HP motor, and the sparse electricity was used to power the streetlights around his home. There were many witnesses and reporters who observed the device working in his house. In Mr. Figuera filed 4 patents , , , which were sold in few days to a banking cartel as it may be derived in sight of a telegram published in the available press clippings of that year.

Certainly those patents are very little detailed and many important features seems to be overlooked.

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Maybe just because they were going to be sold to the bankers Mr. Figuera filed a bunch of rough patents, just to assure the selling of the invention. After this, nothing else appeared in the news. It seems that the story was gone to the shadows for the next 6 years. The patent were abandoned because nobody took care of them and none paid his fees nor replied to the patent office requirements.

In October of , suddenly Clemente Figuera filed a new patent no. As far as we know Mr. Figuera died very few days after filing this patent. Was it his legacy?. Was this the final piece required to complete the puzzle? Was it an improvement over the previous generator? Was it a brand new generator? We don't know for sure yet.

After his death in , his partner, Constantino de Buforn Jacas, filed 5 new patents , , , and between the years and The important features of all those patents is that they are almost identical. And they are an exact copy of the design patented by Figuera in The very same design and in some cases the very same text to describe the machine.

Buforn was clearly patenting as his own invention a machine created by Figuera. The report is available but it gives very few details of the test. All Buforn's patents were in force until when he stopped paying further annual fees. What actually happens is that the consequences of the invention are huge, and will produce an enormous industrial revolution.

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In the owner of alpoma. Physics at 5t Augustine's College, Las Palmas. To this wo may add, according to letters received in London irbm a. This report is read by Nikola Tesla who make a reference to Figuera's invention 9th of june of link! Those patents have also as inventor to Pedro Blasberg, in some places written Pedro Blasberge. As anecdote just to note that Blasberg was a young electrician working with Figuera. Years later he got the charge of director of the gas factory in the Canary Islands.

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A coincidence or just a way to keep him quiet? Note that Figuera sold in a short time the patent to the banking union. They had probably agreed the sale before, and Figuera just filed to patents to have an official document to be sold in the contract. Recent research in the bulletin of the patent office shows that those patents were abandoned for lack of answer by the new owner the banking union to some requirement by the Patent Office. As the four patents had some formal requirements without being fulfilled, none were published openly for the common public.

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This document is attached to the patent as proof of ownership of the patent by the financial partners who signed the contract. Although the patent is done by Figuera as inventor, the document is presented in the patent office by Constantino de Buforn. My personal opinion is that he could be ill, or near to death, and this fact precipitated the filing of the patent. Probably Figuera was forced to file the patent because of the contract that he signed with those two financial partners in to o Buforn filed 5 more patents as inventor no. All those 5 patent are almost identical between them and practically a perfect copy of the patent.

Buforn even used the same figure as Figuera in his and he even used the same text in some of their patents. As proof it is included in this site the translation of his last patent from This test was done in and approved by the Patent Office. Final thoughts There are many empty spaces in the story of Clemente Figuera's invention. What happened to the patents? I guess you think the same as me Why is not there a working generator among us after passing more than years?

There are many questions waiting for answers. What it seems to be a fact is that many witnesses and reporters watched that machine running in powering his house, and 20 HP motor, and the sparse electricity used to power the streetlights around his house. And finally we have references to a deep involvement on this project at least from to More that 12 long years dealing with the development of this generator.

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  • For me this is more that enough to assure that there were a huge invention under all this stories. Create a free website or blog at WordPress. In October of Figuera filed a last patent , no. This is the fundamental principle of the Clarke machine, of the company "The Alliance", and the current dynamos, which, like all others, are machines to transform mechanical force into electricity.

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    • We, through an intermittent or alternating electric current achieve a variation in the magnetic state of the cores of the excitatory electromagnets, and also changing, the magnetic state of the cores on which the induced circuit is coiled, where electric currents appear ready to be industrially exploited.

      In current dynamos, the coils of the induced circuit cut the force lines which go from the faces of the excitatory electromagnets to the core; in our procedure, the same lines of force, which are born and die cross through the coils on the induced. The novelty of our procedure is as follows: 1. In that, you do not need to use any driving force, since the machines built according to these principles will not act as transformers of work into electricity.

      Note: for which the patent is filed Procedure to achieve electric currents, establishing a motionless and independent induced circuit, within the sphere of action or magnetic atmosphere formed between the magnetic pole faces of two excitatory electromagnets, or series of motionless electromagnets, powered by intermittent or alternate currents. Everyone knows that the current generated by a dynamo is produced because the induced coils cut the lines of force of the magnets, therefore producing induction, and it is supposed that the force required to move the machine is applied to rotate the induced, so that their coils cut the said lines of force.

      The undersigned inventors have been persuaded that this view is not accurate, and they also believe that the horsepower consumed by the generator, for its operation, are only used to rotate the core, and to overcome the force of attraction exerted mutually between the poles of the inducer electromagnets and those on the core, which is nothing more than a magnet.

      The authors believe that, for the existence of magnetic fields, there is no need to rotate the core, and for achieving the induced coils to cut the lines of force it is only needed that the induced circuit rotates, this is, the coils alone, without the soft iron core. But, as currents appears in the coils, the core becomes a real electromagnet, the undersigned inventors think that the electromagnet must be formed in the likeness of the exciter electromagnets, that is, in the best conditions for this core to become a magnet as powerful as possible while passing the current along the wire coiled on the core.

      In the construction of current dynamos the copper wire covering the core must be -necessarily- of a determined length and thickness in order that the induced current will get the desired voltage and amperage, and the mentioned length and thickness of the wire do not allow to coil it around the core in proper conditions to be a good electromagnet. By contrast, a dynamo built with motionless core and exciter magnets, and just moving or rotating the coils on the induced circuit, may get an electromagnet in the core in the best conditions to obtain, at its poles, a powerful electromagnetism, and independently of this core-electromagnet, the coils in the induced circuit can be built with the copper wire of such required length and thickness in order that the dynamo can get the desired voltage and amperage.

      In summary: in the machine that it is requested to have a privilege, the excitatory magnets are constructed as those in the current machines, and in the number, size and desired arrangement. The core consists of a group of as many electromagnets as those of the excitatory side, and the wires in the excitatory electromagnets and core electromagnets disposed in series or parallel or as required for the excitatory current, whose aim is to convert them in powerful magnets and to create the magnetic fields which are formed between the poles of each excitatory electromagnet and its corresponding electromagnet in the core.

      Both, exciter electromagnets as those in the core, which are also exciters, are terminated by expansions of iron or steel, placing face to face these expansions and disposing them in such a way that in front of a pole of a name there is placed a pole of opposite name. The core is composed of motionless electromagnets around shaft, and nor those magnets neither the exciter ones rotate.

      The induced circuit formed by wires coiled in a drum type configuration rotates around its axis, inside the magnetic fields, accompanied by a collector and a pulley, so that any motor may put them into movement. As copper is diamagnetic, the force required to rotate the induced coils will be very small, even taking into account the friction of brushes, air resistance, bearings, and higher or lower attracting electric currents, so that, a relatively weak electric motor, powered by either an independent current, or by a portion of the total current produced by the machine can be used to put the induced circuit into quick rotation movement.