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Unbroken Roc, Outcast Season 4. Unknown Roc, Outcast Season 2. Outcast Season 1.

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A female djinn is forced to become human. Unseen Roc, Outcast Season 3. Weather Warden 4. With her magical talents virtually gone, a weather warden must also contend with her troublesome sister. Omnibus of the Sacred Stones trilogy. A story of ancient Crete. Sacred Stones 3.

The peaceful village of Kyra's people is menaced again, this time by a brutal horde of human warriors led by the demonic king Groth. Sacred Stones 4. Sacred Stones 1.

An unusual story of Druid magic, a villain held in thrall by an evil magician, and a young girl with unusual powers who may be able to free her people. Sacred Stones 2. The evil wizard defeated in the opening volume returns with new allies, but a young priest and a courageous girl use their own strength to oppose his supernatural intervention.

Reincarnation and sorcery. A battle against the gods.. Collection of related stories. A magical traveling fair causes the residents of a small town to confront their inner torments, sometimes after terrifying experiences. A series of fictionalized conversations between a human and the devil, more lectures than fiction. A young girl in a fantasy world seeks admission to a highly regarded school. A retelling of the story of the Twelve Dancing Princes. A young girl is troubled by the adults in her life and by a mysterious creature in the attic. Brightglade and his wife risk falling into the hands of slavers in their latest adventure.

Having mastered the art of fire magic, Brightglade sets out to hone his skills, but instead gets involved in a new series of adventures involving a young woman who is an apprenticed wizard as well, her speciality being water magic. A staid librarian from our world finds himself in a magical realm, out of work and out of sorts. Fortunately, a dragon takes a liking to him and offers to be his mount, although there is no question of the human being in charge. They become involved in the investigation of a kidnapping and battle assassins, spies, and mercenaries. The prolonged absence of an intelligent dragon stirs his friends who eventually set out to find him.

Adventure and light humor mix as they uncover the mystery of his disappearance. Further light adventures of a sentient dragon and his human companions versus a host of human and inhuman enemies. Brightglade gets involved with a tribe of people who have been turned magically into living statues.


He and another apprentice decide to set them free. The magical sea otter companion of Brightglade is off on another adventure, with a new set of friends. The protagonist is apprenticed to a wizard who specializes in magic involving fire, which turns out to be fortunate when an evil wizard creates a new ice age. Humor and adventure alternate as Douglas Brightglade sets out on a quest to save his world. Ember Grand Central, Evernight Forever, Darkest London 6.

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  5. Der Beginn des Hartmannschen Epos Gregorius und die Frage: Worin besteht die Schuld des Gregorius? (German Edition).
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Soulbound Forever, Time travel romance. An 18th Century Italian nobleman becomes so disgusted with human society that he climbs into a grove of trees and refuses to descend for the rest of his life. Two short medieval fantasy novels, one half involving an animated but empty suit of armor, the other the fate of the two halves of a man cut in twain, both sides surviving.

Time travel in Scotland. Stone Garden 1. A young woman from our own time meets a strange girl while visiting a museum exhibit of statues of children, and is eventually drawn into a mystery that has remained unsolved since the Napoleonic age. When she discovers that her family includes a history of witchcraft, a young girl tries to resolve their problems using a unicorn shaped charm. Stone Garden 2. Fell Sword, The Orbit, Mayfair Square 3. A ghost acts as a matchmaker.

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Mayfair Square 2. Romance novel featuring a match making ghost. Mayfair Square 1. A ghost gets involved in a love affair between mortals. Attempts to prove a medium fake fail in the presence of two actual friendly ghosts in this romance. Romance novel involving two clairvoyants. Earth becomes the battlefield for demons and angels. An angel tries to survive in a city falling into chaos. A prequel to Scar Night. In a mystical city, two angels — one good and one bad — affect the future of the world. Trickster's Game 2. A young boy violates the rules of his people and flees, but returns to warn them of danger.

Trickster's Game 1. A hunter goes on a quest when a benevolent deity is imprisoned in the material world. Ozma and the Patchwork Girl of Oz throw a party at which they accidentally cast a spell that makes everyone believe they are actually someone else, and no one knows how to reverse the magic.

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Assassins of Altis, The Jabberwocky, Pillars of Reality 3. A magical world is threatened with destruction. Dragons of Dorcastle, The Jabberwocky, Pillars of Reality 1. Hidden Masters of Marandur, The Jabberwocky, Pillars of Reality 2. A fortune teller's potion sends the protagonist into her future where she encounters love and danger. A romance novel.

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  • A reporter makes a deal with the Devil which involves the power to travel in time. A romance. High Lord, The? A youngster startles the guild of magicians by demonstrating very great but undisciplined magical talents. Novice, The? A woman with magical powers is appointed protector of her village. Successor's Promise Orbit, Thief's Magic Orbit, Conspiracy in a fantasy world that uses science as well as magic.

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