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General Comment This song was writen specificaly for the movie "Frequency". Great movie fyi, but the song relating to the movie is about a son reuniting with his father who "died" when he was very young.

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Outside the movie this song is about any two people who are close even a person and god coming together through the storm of life. General Comment I love this song, i have always said the beinning reminds me of my nana. Basically it is about a person I'll say man, for convinience who is lost in life and basically being trown around, broken by circumstances. However there is a person who is there for him a lighthouse that guides him through the tough times. Whether passed on or just absent from his life, the man is still connected to the individual who guides them.

He is still reaching for them, and that keeps him hanging on to life. And he is waiting for that individual to come back to him, literally, or through his own death. General Comment I tear up every time I listen to this song, I don't really relate to it but the emotion comes through so strong you just can't deny how much it means to someone out there.

My Interpretation It's about his mother's death. Rate These Lyrics.

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Come back to me And I can't get close if you're not there I can't get inside if there's no soul to bare I can't fix you, I can't save you. It's something you'll have to do So I'll let you go, I'll set you free And when you see what you need to see When you find you Come back to me. Come back to me So I'll let you go, I'll set you free And when you see what you need to see.

When you find you Come back to me And I hope you find everything that you need I'll be right here waiting to see When you find you Come back to me Denise Sheppard of Rolling Stone commented that, "Without question, [it was] one of the night's most beautiful and verklempt moments arrived out of nowhere forty-five minutes into the set. It was the first time that a break in the action occurred - no dancers, no music -- and as a close-up captured Jackson looking genuinely happy, the audience spontaneously burst into what became a five-minute standing ovation.

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Come back to me

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